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Stira Folding Attic Stairs Ltd.

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Smart Storage under the stairs storage drawers

Fully fitted Smart storage units are now availab;e from Stira fitting services. View the entire range and get more information…

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The new Chimneysafe automated chimney cleaning system elminates the need to have your chimney swept. This automated system regularly cleans…

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The Stira Youtube channel has recieved more than 1 million views! See all our videos on our video page.

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Original Stira

We produce a range of standard size Stira that covers the majority of houses both new and old.

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    Rubber Boots
    Protective rubber boots for the bottom of the ladder.
    Price: €22.00
    New Opening
    A new opening can be made if the current attic hatch is in an unsuitable location.
    Price: €55.00
    Insulating hood
    The Stira insulating hood is hand made and adds an extra layer of insulation to the attic hatch.
    Price: €400.00
    Attic Handrail
    Attic handrail to aid entering and exiting the attic space.
    Price: €35.00
    Deluxe Attic Handrail
    Attic access handrail helps stepping on and off ladder
    Price: €45.00
    Heavy Duty Stira
    Heavy Duty Stira for commercial use.
    Price: €640.00
    Safety railing to surround the Stira in the attic.
    Price: €199.00
    Custom built Stira
    Custom build a Stira to your specifications.
    Price: €529.00
    Original Folding Attic Stairs
    The Original stira, suitable for home and domestic use.
    Price: €449.00




All Stira products come with an unbeatable 10 year parts guarantee!