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Attic Stairs that will last a lifetime

Original Stira

The Original Stira Folding Attic Stairs is designed to be a strong domestic attic stairs that will last a lifetime.

It has unique design features that allow the stairs to be highly flexible so it can be custom built either for extra high ceilings, extra large trapdoor openings or for tight spaces where walls obstruct the normal use of a folding attic stairs or loft ladder.

We make a range of standard sizes that would suit most homes with ceiling heights up to 9ft high. We know every house is different as we have personally fitted our attic stairs in many different types of building over the course of 30 years.

If our extensive range of standard off the shelve stairs can’t meet your needs we are one of the only major manufacturers of attic stairs that will custom build an attic stairs to meet our customers actual requirements.

The Original Stira loft ladder

Standard Sizes

We have three standard ceiling heights the 243cm (8’), 259cm (8’6”)and 274cm (9’). Each of these three heights come in a standard range of frame sizes they start with a 55.8cm (22”) wide frame and go up in 5cm (2”) increments all the way to 76.2cm (30”). These sizes cover the vast majority of ceiling types while remaining compact and easy to fit.

Inner Frame

The inner frame of the Stira that attaches the ladder to the outer frame is unique to Stira, this rigid frame allows us to varyStira inner frame

the opening size of the Stira making it much bigger or smaller without affecting the mechanics of the stairs. As we don’t attach the ladder directly to the trapdoor this allows the standard lid of the Stira to be replaced with an alternative lid of the customers choice.

Outer Frame

The Stira folding attic stairs features a substantial outer frame which is 108mm x 32mm, this deep frame gives the Stira a solid attachment to the joists in the attic. The outer frames importance is often overlooked but it is essential as this frame will be carrying the weight of the stairs through the hinges and linkage arms, which are the main load baring parts of any folding stairs or loft ladder.

Wraparound Hinge

This hinge on the bottom fold on the ladder . The hinge on the first fold of the ladder is under the most pressure, over time the hinge can slowly beStira Wraparound hinge pulled out of the timber by the weight that is put through it.

The wraparound overcomes this problem by wrapping around the side stringer of the ladder and being screwed in place on all 3 sides spreading that pressure across a wider area.


We can custom build! Do you have a ceiling above 3M (10ft)? Need an extra large trapdoor wider than 72cm or longer than 137cm? We will take any requests on board and advise the customer to the best of our knowledge on the best stairs for your needs.

10 Year Parts Gaurantee!

1 year labour guarantee when fitted by Stira fitting services.

We build our stairs to last! We are one of the only attic stairs manufacturers to offer such an extensive guarantee. We are proud of our product and have put years of research and development into ensuring it’s the one and only attic stairs you will ever need to buy. Our ten year guarantee keeps us on our toes, we know we will have to correct any mistakes which is why we have made the Stira so robust and dependable.

Stira is the only European manufacturer to offer a 10 year parts guarantee, always ask to see the actual manufacturers guarantee before buying.


The Stira ladder is made from southern yellow pine sourced from managed forests in North America, this is the same timber used in the construction of timber frame houses.

We use SAPS grade timber which is a hard wearing timber which feature minimal knots or defects. Using a strong timber has many benefits over a metal ladder.

While the timber is very strong it remains flexible, and unlike with metal ladders when the timber steps bend under weight they will return to their natural state.

The metal step will gradually distort more and more over time which will go on to affect other joints in the ladder.

The inner and outer frame of the Stira stairs is made from White Deal sourced from managed forests in Northern Europe. This is another strong reliable construction grade timber.

Real Steel

We manufacture most of the the metal parts of our stairs in our factory, we make them out of real steel, we don’t use cheap alloys.

Our 10 year guarantee means a 10 year relationship with our customer, through this interaction with our customers we have been able to develop and refine each metal part to more reliable, easier to use and nicer to look at.

Experienced Fitters

Stira fitters are the most experienced fitters of loft ladders in Ireland and possibly the world. We have been installing our stairs in Ireland for 30 years, many Stira fitters have 10 years or more of experience.

Stira fitters have unmatched knowledge when it comes to fitting loft ladders, they have come across every conceivable problem when it comes to installing attic stairs and can offer real solutions thanks to the range of Stira stairs on offer.

Stira fitters overcome problems like high ceilings, lack of space and unsuitable trapdoors on a regular basis. Stira fitters are fully covered by public liability insurance which is very important for any tradesman working in your home to have (always check for this before letting anyone work in your home).


Maximum ceiling height Original Stira is suitable for 304.8cm (10ft).**

Maximum frame length 233.6cm (92”).**

Minimum frame length will depend on ceiling height. Absolute minimum frame length on our smallest stairs the 243.8cm (8ft) model is 99cm (39”).**

Maximum frame width 101.6cm (40”)**

Minimum frame width will depend on ceiling height as bigger stairs require additional springs (not applicable if using the Stiramatic upgrade) but the absolute minimum frame width on an 8ft Stira (without serious modification) is 55.8cm (22”), with a modified ladder we can make the frame width as narrow as 48.2cm (19”).**


** Very large and therefore heavy stairs suitable for ceiling heights over 10ft, or with large frame sizes, require the remote control upgrade as springs cannot do the job of closing and holding the stairs closed.

Original Stira specifications

Original Stira specifications

Tested up to 190kg – 418Lbs

Timber used:

Ladder: Southern yellow pine from renewable forests in the United States of America. Treated with hardwearing varnish.
Innerframe: White deal.
Outerframe: White deal.
Trapdoor: Standard, Pine ply, untreated. Trapdoor options available on request.
Pole: Southern Yellow Pine

Wood handrail: Southern Yellow Pine

Metal parts

Wraparound hinge & corner bracket: Anodised steal
Finger hinge: Coated steal
Arms: Coated steal

Springs: Custom heavy duty springs manufactured in Italy

Piano hinge: Custom manufactured in the UK

Metal handrail: Steal

BSI Kitemark

BSI Kitemark

The Stira Folding Attic Stairs has been awarded the British Standards Institue Kitemark. The Kitemark signifies a comitment to quality, it also means the Stira passes UK building codes.BSI ISO 9001