Attic Vs Prefab Shed

Many people use outdoor sheds for storage, in many ways sheds are ideal however they have a few drawbacks. Being outside sheds are immediately at the mercy of the weather as is everything inside them, sheds are typically of a poorer building standard than your home and often not sealed as well as your home leading to damp. Unless a lot of money is spent on a well sealed shed what ever is inside may become damaged from damp (see our storage bags to protect items from weathering).

Sheds are almost always smaller than your attic, with the attic you have practically the entire floor area of your house available for storage. Large sheds are available but become costly and of course will cost you space on your property.

Being outside and usually behind high walls means sheds are very prone to theft, there are many padlock options that can be used but they can be very easy to break open for the experienced criminal. Anything put in a shed runs the risk of being stolen.

With the attic no space is lost as it’s already sitting there ready for use, it is more secure as it’s inside your home and even if a house was robbed what criminal would think to look in the attic? We can also supply a lock for the Stira to further secure it. The remote control option would mean nobody can access the attic without first having the remote adding to security. The attic is often of a better build quality than a shed as it’s part of the home and with insulation such a high priority many homes have well sealed attics which will keep possessions better protected from the elements.

The attic space can be overlooked if there is no easy access, with a Stira Folding Attic Stairs there is safe and easy access opening up a new space in the home. While the attic may not be the prettiest room in the house it can become a very useful storage space. As the attic is out of the way clutter and unused belongings can be kept up there out of sight until they are needed again.