Convert Your Attic

Convert your attic
Stira Folding Attic Stairs

During the housing boom many people where encouraged to convert their attics and lofts into an extra room to add value to the home as we where always told more rooms means more value,

today however this may no longer be true and with people staying put in the houses they have now they need a house that is practical for their needs and not just as an investment that will be sold for profit.

People need to ask themselves, do they really need an extra room and can they live without that attic storage space? Outside of the attic there are very few other places to store our belongings there is limited space in rooms and having to much in our closets can easily lead to clutter throughout the home.

Attics are often left without flooring or any form of insulation protecting it from the outside, it takes a lot of work to get the attic from it’s initial state to one where it can be lived in but it takes much less work to convert the attic into a very handy storage room, so little work is required it can easily be done in 2 or 3 days.

Only two steps are required to start using your attic for storage, first of all safe access is needed, to really take advantage of the attic space an attic stairs or loft ladder is required so that the space can be accessed conveniently without bringing in ladders or balancing on chairs.

The second requirement is attic flooring. Attic flooring is essential if you intend to get any use out of your attic. No matter how careful you try to be one slip and there’s a big foot sized hole in your bedroom ceiling. Attic flooring makes the space comfortable to move around and eliminates the chance of having any ceiling related accidents.

Once the access and flooring have been installed the space is opened up to so much more potential, sometimes open floor attics can become a bit of a dumping ground with no real organisation, this can be dealt with by adding some simple shelving although due to the awkward shape of attics it can be difficult to find shelving that will fit. That’s where companies like Smart Storage come to the rescue with their custom fitted stylish shelving designed to fit into angled spaces like those found in your attic or under your stairs.

Once you have shelving in your attic that’s pretty much all you need to do to have a highly organised storage room right in your own home. Rather than spending thousands on a spare room that rarely gets used you can have a practical and useful storage room for a fraction of the cost.