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Frequently Asked Questions

Stira Folding Attic Stiras are manufactured in Dunmore co Galway since 1982.

Opening size

Most homes have a square attic opening and our fitter will extend that opening to be the right size for the Stira. If your attic opening is not suitable for the Stira, for example it cannot be made larger, a new opening can be created.

Nationwide coverage

We have our own fitters and install Stiras nationwide in all 32 counties.

Call out fee/Deposit

There is no call out fee for a measure up appointment. The initial call out is free of charge and most Stiras are payment on completion. We only take deposits when were custom making a Stira for you (such as non standard sizes, Semi-Automatic or Heavy Duty Stiras)

Fitting and DIY

You can purchase the Stira with fitting or buy the Stira Supply only for us Directly.

You cannot buy a Stiras through any Hardware stores.


To book an appointment you can fill in the form online or call our office on 093 38055. All we need is your Name, address, contact number and email to book in an appointment. Then our fitter organises the day and time of the appointment with you directly.

The Measure up survey takes 20-30 minutes, then we can confirm which Stira is most suitable for your home and provide a quote. Once you know what your options are, you can make your decision, there is no obligation to fit during the initial call out which is free of charge.


The re is a 10 year Manual parts Guarantee on all Stiras (both fitted and DIY). There is a 1 year Guarantee on our Fitters Labour also. So any issues that arise within the first year of fitting, are full covered. All electrical parts have a 4 year guarantee (Semi-Automatic Stira).


Replacement parts can be ordered over the phone on 093 38055. All we need is your unit number, which is noted in red on the Sticker on the inside of the trapdoor, and address. We make the Stira Folding Attic Stairs in our factory in Co Galway and cannot supply parts for any other brand of Attic Ladder.

Replacement plastic latch

There are no plastic parts on the Stira. The type of lock we use during manufacturing is like a front door lock. If your attic ladder requires a pole to be inserted and twisted to open and close it, it is not a Stira.

Weight limit

The Stira is independently test by the British Standards Institute (BSI) to 150 kg (23.6 Stone) annually. In house we have tested the Stira up to 190kg (29.9 stone)

Size range

Manual Stiras are suitable for ceilings up to 10ft (3.1m). Semi-Automatic Stiras are suitable up to 13ft (3.92m).


Payment is due on completion of the fitting (only custom Stiras require deposits). Our fitters can take cash cheque or card payment (card payments do depend on mobile coverage). You can also pay by bank transfer or card over the phone once the fitting is completed. We also work in partnership with Humm Finance.

Vertical opening/ Opening on wall

The Stira folds onto the trap door, so would not work in a vertical opening. Our fitter can create a new opening on a flat part of the ceiling if required. We also have a Clip-on Stira which is not permanently fixed like the folding Stira. Clip-on Stiras are custom made and attach to a rail to access the attic and come with a Secord rail for storage.

When to install a Stira/ New Build

Stiras were designed to fit into existing homes. Once your final floor is down and the heating is on, the Stira can be installed.

Heavy Duty Vs Standard Stiras

Most Stiras are intended for storage i.e. once a week or less usage. If you are planning on using your attic more regularly as a office or hobby room, you can get the Heavy Duty Stira, which is intend to be used several times a week.

Custom Stira

If our standard sizes don’t suit your attic opening we can make a Custom Stira for you. As we make almost all of the Stira in our Factory in Dunmore Co Galway, we can manufactory a Stira to suit most homes.

Insulation/ Air tightness

The standard Stira is fully airtight and the trapdoors U Value is 1.32 W/m2K.

The Cosy+ Stira has a highly Insulted trapdoor for maintaining an A building rating. Certified to achieving a u-value of 0.16 W/m2K in a typical ceiling, and is fully airtight.

As part of our installations we also seal between the Stira frame and trimmed out opening with airtightness tape in the attic space, as well as caulking around the ceiling architrave which we also affix as standard at the ceiling.

Trapdoor Finish

The trapdoor of the Stira is a natural Timber finish which can be paint, stained, or varnished to match your home. We do not paint the trapdoors.

We also offer a Fire Rate trapdoor and Transparent Perspex trapdoor as optional extras.

Optional extras

We have a range of safety rails for the Stira. There are also Protective Rubber Boots for the Stira (not suitable for the Heavy Duty Stira).

Attic Flooring and Insulation

Tongue and Groove OSB Flooring sheets, which is used as structural underflooring in construction so is perfect for walking on and storing box/items on in the attic space. We can also lay top up insulation.

Disposal of old ladders

The fitter will take the existing ladder out of the ceiling as part of the fitting process, if you wish for us to dispose of the old ladder for you, the cost is an extra €30.

If your question is not in the information above you can call us on 093 38055 or email enquiry@stira.ie with your query