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Leaving the Stira open

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A fierce winter in Ireland and the UK has caused a lot of problems up in peoples attics. A quick solution that many people are using is to leave the attic stairs completely open to allow warm air from the house into the attic to prevent freezing.

As a quick fix it is OK to be leaving the Stira open attic stairs as we use heavy duty springs that will hold their shape, however this will allow the cold air from the attic into the house and increase your heating bill through loss of hot air into the attic.

Do not try to place an obstacle between the plywood lid and the outer frame as this will more than likely damage the lid, as the Stira uses an inner frame you will need to put something between the inner frame and the stop blocks on the outer frame, this must be done on both sides to prevent warping. Doing this is not recommended due to their position. The Stira folding attic stairs is eager to close and placing obstructions between the stop blocks and inner frame could result in injury if the Stira slams shut.

If your stairs has the Stiramatic electric add on simply use the quick release feature to slowly lower the door as much as you want. Remember to press up on the remote when done to reset the stairs, do not press down.
More tips.

To help prevent your water tank from freezing remove any insulation underneath the tank. This will allow enough heat through from the room below to keep the water above 5 degree. The water tank should be insulated around so that heat from the house can prevent it from freezing. These are just some tips for leaving the Stira open.

If you have any further tips please contact us and we will post them here.