We have just manufactured the worlds biggest folding attic stairs/loft ladder in the world, and the smallest folding attic stairs/loft ladder in the world, We welcome the Little and Big Loft Ladders to the Stira Family.

The big one

Largest loft ladder in the world
The biggest folding attic stairs/loft ladder has been made to fit a 449.5cm (or 14ft 9”) ceiling height. The frame size is 76.2cm by 182.8cm (30” by 72”) which is relatively compact for such a high ceiling. It is a heavy duty Stira for use in a public building. The customer requested electroplated metal parts for a gold plated effect. The parts came out really nice and it’s a great look for the stairs, the gold parts look fantastic against the golden timber and the stairs really shines gold.

big stira attic stairs

“The weight of the stairs was naturally an issue, not only is this the largest stairs we have made but being a heavy duty Stira it is extremely heavy which gave our electronics some difficulty. Our Stiramatic software monitors the power usage of the motor to know what the stairs is doing. The power being used by this large stairs is immense, way above what any other stairs would use which was confusing the software causing it to stop during the closing cycle. We had to do some minor reprogramming of the Stiramtic unit beyond the normal settings, and had to use heavy duty electronics to deal with the extra current involved.” Michael Burke, Director.

back of big Stira stairs

The baby

Stira baby loft ladder comparison

The smallest Stira was built as a promotional stairs for use at shopping centres, it serves no actual purpose unless anyone knows of any leprechauns looking for a stairs. It is a fully functional remote controlled Stira stairs at one half the size of our standard 8ft Stira making it suitable for a 121.9cm (4ft) ceiling height and with a frame size of 30.4cm x 52cm (12” x 20.5”).

The reason behind making this stairs was to make promoting our stairs in shopping centres and other public places easier and safer. Displaying a full sized stairs requires framing big enough to support a stairs 8ft off the ground which can be problematic to transport and set up. It is also a safety concern in public places as the frame is designed to display the stairs and not for people to walk up and people can’t resist the urge to climb a Stira. As the baby Stira is an exact replica of our stairs we can show the features of the our stairs and people can see it operate, the portable stand that the baby Stira will be mounted on will be made out of the same material of the Stira stairs to show potential customers the actual thicknesses and strength of the timber used in the Stira.

big and small Stira opened

“We had a very similar problem with regards the electronics of the Baby Stira as we had with the Giant Stira. As the weights where so far off the weights of a normal stairs the electronics got confused as to what was happening. We changed the settings to recognize the lower weights and once we did this the stairs worked just like the real thing.” Michael Burke, Director

The Little and Big stairs show the flexibility of the Stira design. While it may be difficult to spot the innerframe of our stairs makes all the difference, it’s allows us to make the ladder and frame just about any size we wish without affecting the overall strength of the stairs, it remains strong and solid no matter what size it is.