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Attic Stairs that will last a lifetime

Original Stira

The Stira Folding Attic Stairs is designed to be a strong domestic attic stairs that will last a lifetime.

The Stira Folding Attic Stairs comes in a range of sizes to suit every home, from 2-storey and bungalow houses, to 100 year old cottages and Georgian houses. We’ve seen it all over our 35 years in business.

The Stira has unique design features allowing our ladders to be manufactured to an individual customers requirements. Our Fitters carry the range of standard sizes with them so in most cases our Fitter can fit a Stira in 1 ½ hours.

If our standard range can’t meet your needs, we can custom build a bespoke attic stairs to meet your requirements. Our Fitters can give a on-site free quotation for custom ladders, whether the building has extra high ceilings, require a larger trapdoor or where there is limited space.

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The Original Stira loft ladder

Stira is a high quality attic ladder to suit every home

Standard Sizes

Most modern homes have standard ceiling heights, and our fitters often carry these standard sizes with them.

Please be aware while the sizes above are standard your ceiling height may not be, our Fitter will measure up before he does starts any job and confirm the price. So you can be assured the Stira we install will be the right fit for your home.

House Type Ceiling Height 
Two-story 8ft (2.43m)
Bungalow 8ft 6″ (2.59m)
Pre 1920’s 9ft (2.74m)

The frame size of the Stira depends on the floor to ceiling height, the standard frame size for and 8ft Stira is 24″ or 22” (56cm or 61cm) wide by 41 1/4″ (104.8cm) long. Most homes have a 24″ (56cm) square opening, we extend that opening as part of the fitting.

We also manufacture Stira’s with opening sizes of 26″ (66cm), 28″ (71cm) and 30″ (76cm) wide. And as always there are custom options available, so you can make the trap door almost any size to suits your needs.

10 Year Parts Guarantee!

Plus a 1 year guarantee on the labour when Stira Fitters install your Stira Folding Attic Stairs

We build our stairs to last! Stira is the only European manufacturer to offer a 10 year parts guarantee. We are proud of our product, with 35 years of Research and Development ensuring it’s the only attic stairs you will ever need to buy. Our 10 year parts guarantee keeps us on our toes, which is why we have made the Stira so robust and dependable. Many other attic ladder installers have come and gone over the past 35 years trying to match our guarantees and quality service.

We’ve found that other installers will offer 10 year guarantees, even though the companies which manufactures the ladders only offer a 3 year guarantee. Be sure to always ask to see the actual manufacturers guarantee before buying.

Fully fitted by experienced Fitters

Stira Fitters are the most experienced Fitters of attic ladders in Ireland and possibly the world. We have been installing Stiras in Ireland for over 35 years, Stira Fitters have a minimum 18 years or more experience fitting Stira Folding Attic Stairs in Irish homes and businesses. Most customers get their Stira fitted in under 2 hours. Our fitters carry a range of Stira folding Attic Stairs on their vans when they come out to quote. Our quotations include the cost of extending the existing attic opening, fitting the Stira and installing architrave.

Stira Fitters have unmatched knowledge, having come across every conceivable problem when it comes to installing attic ladders. They know exactly what the Stira is capable of and can offer real solutions for your home or business.

Stira Fitters overcome problems like high ceilings, lack of space and unsuitable trapdoors on a regular basis. Stira Fitters are fully covered by public liability insurance which is very important for any tradesman working in your home (always check for this before letting anyone work in your home).

Tested annually by the British Standard Institute

The Stira Folding Attic Stairs has been rigorously tested and awarded the British Standards Institute Kitemark. The Kitemark signifies a commitment to quality. With yearly testing of our production practices and the Stira itself, it also means the Stira passes UK building codes. 

The Stira Folding Attic Stairs is tested by the British Standards Institute to the European Standard EN14975, weight testing the Stira to 150kg (330lbs or 23 Stone)

In our factory we have weight tested the 8ft manual Stira to 190kg (418lbs or 30 Stone)

Stira Folding Attic Stairs Kitemark Licence No: 74784

Click here to find out more about the BSI Kitemark

Customise the Stira to your needs

The Stira Folding Attic Stairs is fully customisable and we will endeavour to fulfill any request a customer has as long as it doesn’t affect structural integrity.

We can make extra large trapdoors for getting larger items up into the attic, alter the fold of the ladder to work in tight spaces, customise the trapdoor with a variety of finishes, manufacture and install ladders for up to 13ft (4m) high ceilings, add hand rails for extra climbing confidence, and a range of other optional extras. Click here to see our accessories and modifications page.

If you are unsure if your home is suitable for an attic ladder or if you have been told by other companies that an attic ladder wouldn’t work in your home, we may have a solution for you. You can always get a free consultation from one of our experienced Fitters who can assess and recommend the best Stira for your needs.


The Stira ladder is made from southern yellow pine sourced from managed forests in North America, this is the same timber used in the construction of timber frame houses.

We use SAPS grade timber which is a hard wearing timber which feature minimal knots or defects. Using a strong timber has many benefits over a metal ladder.

While the timber is very strong it remains flexible, and unlike with metal ladders when the timber steps bend under weight they will return to their natural state.

The metal step will gradually distort more and more over time which will go on to affect other joints in the ladder.

The inner and outer frame of the Stira stairs is made from White Deal sourced from managed forests in Northern Europe. This is another strong reliable construction grade timber.

Inner Frame

Stira specifically designed the inner-frame to increase the stability of the attic ladder and make the trapdoor easier to customise. The rigid frame allows us to vary the opening size of the Stira, so that we can provide much bigger or smaller frame widths without affecting the mechanics of the stairs.

Outer Frame

The Stira folding attic stairs features a substantial outer frame which is 108mm x 32mm, this deep frame gives the Stira a solid attachment to the joists in the attic. The outer frames importance is often overlooked but it is essential as this frame will be carrying the weight of the stairs through the hinges and linkage arms, which are the main load baring parts of any folding stairs or loft ladder.

Wraparound Hinge

This hinge on the bottom fold on the ladder . The hinge on the first fold of the ladder is under the most pressure, over time the hinge can slowly beStira Wraparound hinge pulled out of the timber by the weight that is put through it.

The wraparound overcomes this problem by wrapping around the side stringer of the ladder and being screwed in place on all 3 sides spreading that pressure across a wider area.

Real Steel

We manufacture most of the the metal parts of our stairs in our factory, we make them out of real steel, we don’t use cheap alloys.

Our 10 year guarantee means a 10 year relationship with our customer, through this interaction with our customers we have been able to develop and refine each metal part to more reliable, easier to use and nicer to look at.

Maximum and minimum sizes

Maximum ceiling heights

Manual Stira 10ft (3.04m)
Semi-Automatic Stira 13ft (3.96m)

If you are unsure as to your floor to ceiling height, we can organise a free on-site quotation from one of our Fitters

Maximum/Minimum trapdoor size

The maximum and minimum trapdoor sizes available depend on your floor to ceiling height and which model Stira you are purchasing. The Semi-Automatic Stira can hold larger and heavier units so the trapdoor can be made as large as you wish. The Manual Stira model is limited by the weight the springs can hold.

Manual Stira frame maximums

Maximum frame lenght 92″ (2.3m)
Maximum frame width 40″ (1m)

Minimum frame length depends on your ceiling height.

Absolute minimum frame length on the 8ft (2.4m) Stira is 39” (99cm). The absolute minimum frame width on an 8ft Stira, with serious modification, is 19” (48cm).

For ceilings above 8ft 2 ½ “ the Fitter will need to call out to measure up. The Fitter will then discuss the possibilities with our factory Engineers, from there we will send you a quote outlining your options.

Original Stira specifications

Original Stira specifications

Tested up to 190kg – 418Lbs

Timber used:

Ladder: Southern yellow pine from renewable forests in the United States of America. Treated with hardwearing varnish.
Innerframe: White deal.
Outerframe: White deal.
Trapdoor: Standard, Pine ply, untreated. Trapdoor options available on request.
Pole: Southern Yellow Pine

Wood handrail: Southern Yellow Pine

Metal parts

Wraparound hinge & corner bracket: Anodised steal
Finger hinge: Coated steal
Arms: Coated steal

Springs: Custom heavy duty springs manufactured in Italy

Piano hinge: Custom manufactured in the UK

Metal handrail: Steal