BSI ISO 9001

BSI Kitemark | ISO 9001:2008

Many companies may claim to be accredited, but unless they clearly state who they’re accredited with and display their membership number, they may not be accredited by anyone.

The BSI Kitemark is an assurance to shoppers that any product with the mark meets a minimum standard of build quality that ensures the product won’t break unexpectedly or injure the person using the product when following operating instructions.

Stira as a certified company is committed to customer satisfaction by ensuring we have traceability in our office and factory so that any customer complaints can be sourced back to the actual problem and corrected.

We have always been confident in the quality and strength of our stairs due to our very low service request rate. Many of our new customers are second generation Stira customers, meaning purchasing a Stira for your new home has almost become a family tradition.

The BSI where the first standards certifiers to come to our factory and do audits to ensure we maintain our high standards, this have proved invaluable as it allows us to highlighting further areas for improvement.

The BSI carry out strength test on the Stira Folding Attic Stairs and in ‘destructive tests’ as laid out by the BSI the Stira records no deformation at all. After BSI’s rigorous tests, the Stira was exactly the same as when it started the test. So we increased the power used in all aspects of the test to try and push the Stira to its limits but in the end we reached the limitations of the weight test’s hydraulic pump, and the Stira was still standing strong.

To be awarded the BSI kitemark customer safety must be a priority with the product and the customer service. Over the years BSI has given invaluable feedback and ingrained an ethic of quality and tractability throughout our factory. Stira Folding Attic Stairs go far beyond the minimum specifications demanded by the BSI. In the UK BSI certification is often required for any product that will be used in a building project in the UK.

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