Refund Policy

Stira’s mission is to ensure customer satisfaction at every stage, due to the nature of the product once the stairs has been fitted in the customers home it is customised to that particular house, as such a Stira cannot be removed and sold onto someone else. For this reason we cannot give a full refund once the stairs has been fitted.

If however your stairs arrives faulty or is damaged during fitting (Applies to stairs fitted in Ireland by official Stira fitters only) we will immediately remove the faulty Stira and replace the stairs at no cost to the customer.

When you order a standard off the shelf size Stira you have up until the point of fitting or 14 days, which ever comes first, to change your mind and cancel your order. The customer will receive a full refund. Stira ordered through our website for DIY purposes must pass an inspection at our factory before any refunds are given.

When you order a custom built, bespoke Stira (this applies to all heavy duty and Stiramatic Stira as they are made to order) it is customised to the customers specifications and as such may never be suitable for any other house making it unsellable by us. To cover the cost of manufacturing we take a 50% deposit which is non refundable once manufacturing the stairs begins.

If you select the wrong size standard off the shelf sized stairs you can return it to us however this would be done at your own expense, if the customer requires a more expensive stairs they must pay any additional cost.

In Ireland and parts of the UK covered by our distributors where the Stira if fitted by an official Stira fitter/distributor there would be no cost* as our fitters/distributors carry a range of stairs.

When ordering DIY the customer takes on the responsibly of choosing the correct stairs. We will provide as much information and advice as we can to ensure the customer selects the correct stairs, however the ultimate responsibility lies with the customer.

*UK distributors have catchment areas, any policies relating to UK distributors only apply within their own catchment area, please contact your local distributor for catchment area details. Distributors are entitled to charge extra to work outside their catchment area.


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