Ideal homes show 2012 London
Stira at the ideal homes show

Big thanks to all the people we met at the Ideal homes show, we were delighted with the great reception we got for our Stira folding attic stairs and the fully fitted service available in London. We got to see that the Stira is a unique product for the UK market and Londoners really appreciated the quality of our product and the fact we had the British Kitemark.

We were delighted that people saw the Stira as a stairs that would give many people the confidence to go into their attic for the first time due to its large steps and solid design. The difference between the Stira and the other loft ladders on the market can only be fully appreciated when the stairs are seen up close and we hope to do as many shows in the UK as we can from now on.

The reception for our remote control upgrade was also amazing, we estimated that the remote controlled stairs was opened and closed more than 20,000 times during the course of the show, a number that anyone would find hard to match during the course of their lifetimes. The Original manual stira had so many people climb up and down it that the steps became filthy dirty, I hope nobody thought that was the colour of the steps brand new.

As Stira is a family run business we really do appreciate the warm reception, we have a lot of pride in our product and I think the people of London appreciated our commitment to the quality of the Stira and the value for money that a long lasting folding attic stairs like this brings over the lifetime.