Stira Maintenance

There is very little maintenance to a Stira folding attic stairs.

The best way to care for your Stira Folding Attic Stairs is to operate it properly.

Never let the trapdoor slam shut and never hold onto the arms when climbing the ladder. To prolong the lifespan of the hinges and joints a small bit of lubricating oil can be applied to the pivots.

Manual Stira

A once a year visual inspection of the metal parts can be carried out, looking for any distortion. If you believe there is a problem with any of the metal parts please send two photos of the part from two different angles to us by email,  highlighting the possible problem and we will advise on a suitable action.

Check the arms close straight without any sudden jolts to the left or right when closing, it would be best to get another person to close the stairs slowly so you can carry out your inspection.
Ladder maintenance.

The Stira ladder requires no maintenance, it is a high quality real solid wood product. It can be maintained in the same way as any other timber product, by dusting and polishing the varnished surface.

The Original Stira loft ladder

Semi-Automatic Stira

The Semi-auto Stira has two batteries, one in the remote, and one in the quick-release. Over time the batteries in the remote and quick release of the Stira will wear out. The standard lifetime of most batteries is 3 years.

Replacement batteries:

The Semi-Auto remote battery is a CR2032 3V,

The battery for the quick release is a 9v.

these can be purchased in most shops.

If you are having work done in the attic check the Stira before and after to assure no alteration or damage has been caused. Often builders will unplug the Semi-Automatics control box to power their own tools and may forget to plug the Semi-Auto back in.

stira remote

Check the Stira after having work done in the attic

If you are having work done in the attic, like moving water tanks/pipes/wires, getting Insulation or flooring installed Etc, you may want to check that your Stira has not been put off-square or altered.


Sometimes if trades people are bringing large object up to the attic they may remove the arms (or the wires on a Semi-Auto Stira). If they do, insure that they put them back on correctly. 


When fitting a Stira Folding Attic Stairs each Fitter will insure that the Stira sits properly on the ground when opened, they do this by squaring-up, this means adjusting the Stira frame in the attic opening to insure a proper fit. If after having work done in the attic you notice the Stira is not opening or closing properly, has a draft, or is not sitting on the floor properly, your Stira may have been put off-square.

If you think this has happened you can send photos (one of the ladder feet on the ground, and one for inside the attic looking down at the opening.) to us by email.

Best practices

The best way of ensuring that no damage has been done to the Stira is to take a picture before any work has been done (one from the front as you look up the ladder, one from the side where the stairs has been unfolded, and one picture from up inside the attic showing the frame of the stairs and rafters around it)