The Stira should be easy and eager to close, if the Stira is difficult to close or seams stuck do not try to force it closed.

Make sure there is nothing jamming the piano hinge at the back of the trapdoor.

Make sure there is nothing inside the attic that would obstruct the trapdoor from closing.

The most likely cause of a jam are the linkage arms holding the stairs to the outer frame at either side.

If the arms are visible bent you will need to get the arms replaced, we can post arms with instructions or one of our fitters can come out and service the Stira.

For older model Stiras (from 1980-2009) If the arms start bending in towards the stairs they will lock up at the elbow. This is an easy problem to solve just hold the arms at the elbow and carefully pull both arms out away from the stairs, be careful not to pull the arms to much (remember the Stira is eager to close) but just enough so the elbow is pointing away from the stairs. Then use the pole to close the Stira normally.


Check remote battery. Even if not being used batteries have a shelve life and will lose their charge over time (typically 3 – 6 years).

You can tell that the remote is working by the green LED that flashes whenever a button is pressed. If the light does not flash the battery needs replacing.

Ensure there is nothing obstructing the Stira from closing. The electronics of the Stira have pinch protection which means it will stop if it detects something in the way.

Check around the Stira to ensure nothing has fallen into a place that would prevent the Stira from closing.

If the stairs is stopping halfway or not stopping at the correct place making opening the ladder out so it can reach the ground there may be a problem with the units programing. Reprogramming the Stiramatic unit is simple and straight forward.


  1. First return the stairs to the closed position, if the stairs stops while closing keep pressing the up button until it is fully closed
  2. When the stairs is fully closed press and hold both the up and down buttons for five seconds until the stairs starts to open.
  3. It is important to keep a close eye on the stairs as it is opening as you will have to stop it to tell it where the open position is. When the arms at the side of the stairs completely straighten press either the up or down button to set this as the new open position.
  4. Ensure the open position is correct by opening out the ladder to make sure it can reach the ground without bending at either joint. Do not use the stairs until you have made this final check and you are sure the ladder is straight and touching the ground.


If you are having another problem not listed here please contact our office using the contact page link below! Our office may require pictures of the problem to better deal with the problem.


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