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We don’t just sell Stira Folding Attic Stairs
we fit them

expert installers in Ireland & the uk

The Stira fitting service is a complete one, we fit across the whole Island of Ireland and the same service is available from our distributors in the UK.

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free survey to get the best fit for you

The Stira fitting service includes a free consultation. The fitter will call out, measure up for a Stira and recommend the best Stira for your home.

quick and easy installation with minimal clean-up

Our fitters will have a number of stairs on the van with them and in most cases can fit on the day within 2 hours.

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The fitting includes enlarging the opening to the size we require, fitting the stairs and finishing the job with new architrave. The fitter will also put a dust sheet on the ground to collect any waste keeping any mess caused by the fitting to an absolute minimum.



We measure, we build, we deliver, we fit, we support!

Service calls are available all over IRELAND.
Selected parts of the UK are also covered. Contact us today for your nearest distributor.


Our fitting service covers the whole Island of Ireland, our Fitters are all over the country fitting Stira stairs on a daily basis, we know Irish homes so well we have a database of ceiling heights for homes all over the country. If you live in an estate we probably already know what the standard ceiling height is and which type of Stira would be best suited to your home and can arrive at the home ready to fit.

Stira have set the bar high for service, we are the only company that offer a genuine 10 year manufacturer parts guarantee that we have stood by for the past 35 years. No other brand of attic ladders has been manufacturing and installing attic ladders in Ireland for that long. Many of our competitors, who fit other brand attic ladders, with 10 year guarantees have long gone out of business trying to keep up with us. We also offer a 1 year guarantee on the labour when our fitter installs the Stira.

We have been made aware through service requests, of companies and people passing off other brands of loft ladders as Stira stairs in Ireland. We do not have any distributors in the Republic of Ireland, Stira Folding Attic Stairs cannot be bought in hardware shops. As Stira is a Irish designed and Irish manufactured product, our parts will not fit on other brands of loft ladders,


In the UK we have a range of distributors fully trained in fitting Stira Folding Attic Stairs. Many have previous experience with fitting other brands of loft ladders, originally the UK fitters began installing Stira stairs because we can make loft ladders to suit homes where off-the-shelf Hardware store ladders wouldn’t work. Uk fitters kept coming back to us because our stairs have a higher level of quality and there is no maintenance involved, meaning less hassle for the distributors and their customers.

We also have the Kitemark on all out loft ladders so we meet  the UK building regulations. With new inspection standards in the UK, often a certified loft ladder is required when having work done in the loft space. With Stira, customers can be confident that the stairs they buy exceeds their needs and the official UK requirements.

Stira makes a point of supporting our distributors in any way we can. We offer training free of charge, we make all our advertising available to distributors and we are always on call should they need further information for their clients. All distributors have direct access to the factory floor, so they know the range of solutions we can provide for non-standards buildings.


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